I dreamed last night that i was playing basketball. I’ve let my marked counterpart score and i lose the ball while dribbling. My teammate passed the ball to me for the lay-up but it seems like the whole situation is in slow motion. The ball slowly leaves my hand, losing grip of it, unsure if it will go in.

Damn. I think it symbolizes I’m losing grip/hold of whatever or whoever is important to me.


I should stop thinking about you and face real life. You’ll meet your kind of guy soon. I’ll be happy for you then. I tried my best to reconcile but it’s your choice not to. This will be a ghost under my bed for maybe far too long but I’ll keep myself busy in order not to think about it. I know I had shortcomings and I’ve been rude sometimes. I’m really sorry. I guess this is it. Look after yourself. Take care of yourself. Best luck for you and God Bless.